The Lord's move in Siaya, Kenya
The Cattle on a Thousand Hills
The Community Christian Church of Parishville, NY provided the funds for one of our tickets and Ken & BK provided another. Our household had to come up with money for immunization shots, visas, the remaining plane ticket, and cash on hand while in Kenya. We had originally asked for God to provide the finances if he wanted us to go. He went above and beyond, providing twice as much as we asked for. I guess he knows best, since we didn't end up with a surplus.

Next Stop: The African Bush
Our friend Joe Bezio drove us up into Quebec, and we flew out of Montreal via London and Nairobi into Kisumu. Our brother Martin Odak, his wife Lucy, and another brother Peter were there to meet us. Next thing we knew we were eating fish with our fingers in a shanty-restaurant on Lake Victoria. The food was delicious and it was really an experience. When we had finished eating a young boy in rags came by with a black plastic garbage bag and asked silently for the remaining fat and was the least we could do to oblige, and I began to feel the weight of the extreme poverty in Kenya. This was not a job for a man, or even many men; God would have to take care of these people. The meal we were eating cost 1000 Ksh (about $14.00) and represented a opulent feast. Suddenly we were grotesquely wealthy compared to many of those around us...and it didn't feel good. And yet what good would it do in the long run if we just gave away what we had? What we needed to share was not our money, but our means of acquiring it: I had started thinking before we left of teaching people how to do the web development work I do. Computer programming is especially well suited to rural economic development. I would like to see money flowing from the richer nations to the poorer, and one way it could be done is by training people to do white collar service work that could be done via the internet. I discovered however, much to my dismay, that internet access is difficult and expensive in Kenya. I considered moving my family there, but realized all the money we currently spend on heat would have to be spent on internet access, about $500/mo. If you wonder why our heating bill is so high come visit us when it's minus thirty fahrenheit (not figuring in the wind chill); Upstate New York gets arctic weather carried straight down the St. Lawrence on northeastern winds. So anyway, back to my story. I really wanted to get these people hooked into the 21st century and give them the tools and skills to make a living in the "new economy" and all that, but the startup costs for the satellite internet were looking like thousands of dollars. Again, this was a job for God. All I could do was give it to him, and say, "You deal with it. I trust you." I continued to talk to people and try to get details on what it would take, but I wasn't about to undertake the project without divine backup. This whole journey was about letting go of the ends and just walking on in the faith that God knows what he is doing. After our meal, we headed straight for the compound in Siaya. Piling into Martin's Peugeot, we left Kisumu behind. Read More